Zoom Tool


MOBZoom  v.1.0.1

MOBZoom is a simple yet strong zoom tool, can zoom and view in detail any part of the screen. Start it up, move the mouse around and view the area around it in the main MOBZoom window,

Magic Magnify Plus  v.2.0

We have the right zoom tool for you!


Presentation Assistant Pro  v.2.1.1

Presentation Assistant Pro helps you preside over a meeting more effectively and grab your audience’s attention and focus. It allows you to draw on screen directly and zoom into screen for quick explanation. Moreover it offers more additional tools.

Presentation Marker  v.2.0.0

Presentation Marker allows users to draw on screen directly and zoom into certain portions for quick explanation. Moreover, it offers more additional tools – Spotlight, Curtain, Screen Digital Clock, Arrow Point, Magnification, Screen Capture etc.

Magic Magnify  v.4.0

Magic Magnify allows customers to see products in a hi-res magnified image, giving them confidence to buy online. Requires only 2 lines of HTML! Compatible with all major browsers using Flash. Download the free trial and contact us for any help.

DIMIN Viewer  v.5.2.5 Build 140

Using DIMIN Viewer software you will be able to view images in countless formats, and apply a variety of effects. Dimin Viewer incorporates unique visualization ideas, like Panoramic Photographs Tool and Big Image Navigator. It also features multi

Color Cop  v.5. 4. 2005

Color Cop is a very useful color selector that allows you to get the right color code, the corresponding color code (HTML, RGB, C++, Visual Basic, etc) of any color you see in your screen.

ImageSkill ImageFrameDemo  v.1 2

Image Frame is a plug-in package from Image Skill for your high end graphics applications. It is especially designed for your Photoshop graphics application.

HotkeyP  v.4.6

Keyboard shortcuts and mouse shortcuts can be assigned to any executable file, document, folder or web page.

Aquiplicity  v.0.4

Automatic Multiplicity Image Stitcher. Aquiplicity is an executable program project conceived and developed by Mr. Tracy Rose to create an artsy multiplicity image.

Autodesk SketchBook Pro  v.5.0 Build 347404

Paint and Draw Sketching Software. Enables you to transform your computer into the ultimate sketchbook. Autodesk SketchBook Pro paint and drawing program enables you to transform your desktop computer, laptop,

Voyager Image Viewer  v.

Voyager Image Viewer is a Windows based image viewer for Voyager .IMQ files. Voyager Image Viewer is a Windows based image viewer for Voyager .IMQ files.

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